The Light at the End of the Tunnel Ride : Larry's Journal

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Thoughts about my cross country ride

1. It was much more fun than I had thought

2. Much harder riding than I had figured. WEIGHT DOES MATTER A LOT

3. The people on the ride with adventure cycling were great to work with. Everyone was ready willing to help. If only life were like that.

4. People that I meet along the ride could not believe I was riding a BICYCLE across the entire country. "Get out of here" was a very common response. From that point on they could not have been more helpful.

5. Truckers- Most of them were great to bikers, but a few were really scary.

6. My NEXT trip I HOPE to ride from Maine to Fla using the East Coast Greenways, to be more off road than fighting traffic.

Slaughter Beach Del (THE END)
74.9 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. I rode due east from the bay bride instead of heading 35 extra miles south to Ocean City Maryland. When I got to the Ocean a little after noon. the view was great. I am glad to be off my bike for a few days but I really did enjoy the trip and all the great people I met along the way. I cannot wait to do another trip like this. Hopefully with more trails and less roads.
Trip Total 3288.4

Wye Mills Md
56.6 miles through North East DC. I had to ride around the 60,000 people taking part in the race for the cure in DC. The DC police were very helpful in directing me around these people My trip of the Bay bridge in a car was a reasonable solution to a difficult. problem  Marilyn picked me up at 3:00 pm we went to our hotel and had dinner with Frank and Martha Jenkins When Martha ask me if I would do the ride again I said yes, Marilyn said "Over one of our dead bodies". I do hope she will let me do a ride from Maine to Fla in the next few YEARS. Trip Total 3214.5  

Washington DC 44.3 Miles
I left Leesburg at 6:30 am to beat the rain. It did not start until I was on 16th St. almost to my nephews house near Dupont Circle. ( Great planning on my part.)  I stopped at Great Falls and enjoyed the people and view of the river. I had a long talk with a group of students from Annapolis Md. about cross county riding. Trip Total 3148.3

Leesburg Va. 96.5 miles 11.6 avg.
With major rain projected for tomorrow I rode and extra 30 miles to reduce my riding on Friday. It was great to be able to ride the additional miles with out worrying about being in condition to handle the trip. Even the extra 5 miles to the motel was no problem. The condition of the Canal from Mile 50 to 22 was very very Poor. the red mud and major mud hole were problems all along this section. I don't understand why this section is so much worse than the rest of the canal.

Hancock Md  63.5 miles along the C&O Canal
Steve Wershbale rode from Paw Paw to Hancock with me.  We found that Bill had opened back up from his fall fire in Little Orleans Md.  The canal was in good condition but not nearly as good a shape as the Pa trails had been. I was glad that it did NOT rain today. Trip Total 3018.5

Confluence Pa  72 miles of finished trail through RAIN.
By the time I had finished the day I have become a major proponent of PAVED trails.  Even in a steady downpour the trail was better than riding the road.  The condition the Yock River and Ohio Pyles Trail was outstanding. The crushed lime stone held up well even in the rain.  I was welcomed to Confluence by Linda Boxx ( Pres of the ATA), Ned Williams, Mary Shaw, and Roy Weil. They had ridden up over the new section from Fort Hill. In addition my wonderful wife had driven up from Cumberland to take me home for the Holiday week-end. We had a great dinner at the Rivers Edge café. It was great to be home and sleep in my own bed with my wife. ( No additional comments)  Trip Total 2955.1

McKeesport Pa.  58 miles over the Panhandle, Montour, Steel Heritage and Yock River Trails.
Ned Williams from the ATA road with me over these completed and planed trails. Though rain threatened most of the day Ned did a real good job of Keeping it a bay. It was great to see these trails. The work Montour has ahead makes the AHTM's problems look easy, they deserve a lot of credit. With a membership of almost 600 I think they are well on there way to completing this exciting section of trail. Trip Total 2883.1

Weirton W.Va.  72.6 miles 10.7 avg. through a day of COLD rain.
Ohio's highways have that wonderful rumble strip every 50 ft that runs from the white line to the end of the pavement. My bottom was not too happy with this feature. I understand that in the future they will not be using this - thank God.  In Weirton I stopped at Carter Strauss's Scrap operation, my weight was 195 lbs a full 15 lbs less than when I left home. Trip Total 2825.1

Cambridge Oh  
Only rode 26 miles because there was no were to stay on Ohio 22 between Cambridge and Steubenville Ohio almost 60 miles away.  Spent most of my afternoon in the local library on the web.  Web access at public library has been a real blessing on the trip.  I also got a taste of Ohio rollers, not as bad at Texas rollers but a change from the nice flat roads of Indiana and Illinois. Back to the maintains and closer to home.

Zanesville Oh  62 Miles at an avg. of 11.4 mph.
riding the Old National road (US 40) made think of home where the road starts.  Saw a nice development call the "Cumberland Road Park" Home cannot be too far away. The road had a nice bike lane, made riding in the light rain this afternoon a little easier.

Columbus Oh  
Had Lunch with Jim Schiender Director of Park in Greene County Ohio.  I real trail guru .  He is doing wonderful things with trail in Western Ohio.  Left Xenia at 2:00 pm arrived in Columbus at 8:00 PM. Road a total of 62.3 miles.  Back on the roads again. I will miss the relaxed riding of trails until I get to Pa and the Great Allegheny Passage. Trip Total 2664 miles

56.5 miles to Xenia Ohio. I road along the Little Miami River Trail. I had almost forgotten How much nicer it is to ride on a trail than a road. This took me longer because I was able to stop and enjoy the trip. The small towns and villages all along the trail had neat places to stop all related to the trail. Loveland Ohio was great. Xenia is becoming a major trail interchange. I am meeting with the local parks director to talk trails today.
Trip total 2601

101 Miles to Cincinnati Ohio. 11.1 Avg. my 2nd century in a row. It was better day of riding. I did have trouble finding lodging. I though Lufkin Airport would have a motel. WRONG. I had to ride about 5 miles east of town to Marimont Oh. to a Best Western. I was glad to find this wonderful lodging.
I had dinner with Scott Noble from Ohio River Barge line. Thanking him for a great ride up the Mississippi.
Trip Total 2544.2

104.4 LONG MILES to Seymour In at an avg of 10.1 MPH. Yesterday I though I had this riding thing under control. Today with some rolling hills and head winds it took everything I had to get to Seymour.
Again NO RAIN. I think one day it will catch up with me.

58 miles at an avg of 13.1 to Vincennes In. though I dodged rail all day I managed to stay dry. I left at 6:30 in the morning and arrived in Vincennes about 3 pm. Riding on this flat land is fun. I got to tour the George Roger Clark Memorial. During the American Revolution He captured Fort Sackwood here in Vincennes to claim the "Northwest" for the US at Yorktown. That allowed Ohio, Indiana, Illinois etc to be part of the USA. It was a good day.
Trip Total of 2,339.2 miles

Back in the saddle again. I rode from Belleville Il. (East St Louis Il) to Salem Il 69.5 FLAT miles. Janis Londe and I drove through a MAJOR Thunderstorm on the way to my drop off point. But after that NO RAIN for the day. It was good to ride again and WITH OUT FRONT PANNIER it was easier.
By the end of the day my legs hurt but I was glad to be back on the road again

NOTE: While we rode together (March through May) my friend Jim was able to post updates to the web more frequently than I was.

Met up with Marshal Fausold a fellow member of the ATA Board and my mate for our boat ride up the Mississippi.
Dick Conerly is a Towboat, owned by Midland Marine, Capt. Shawn Wilmoth of NO, La Built in 1978 by Pot Ind of St Louis Mo. 200 Ft long, 54 Ft wide and 51'11"above the water line, Draft of 10' 6" Wgt of 919 empty and 1352 Gross, Wheel (Prop) of 9'6"and pitch of 108" It's 10,500 HP comes from three EMD 20 cylinder diesel engines.
The Dick Conerly is one of the largest boats plying the Mississippi. With 52 barges this is one of the largest moving bodies on earth. Covering more than 8.25 acres and weighting in at over 90,000 tons. The 11 barges of scrap headed for Nucor are about what we at BSC shipped each year. WHAT A SIGHT. I wish we could have moved it as effectively as this crew has.
The crew on the boat have been outstanding, my only problem has been that Terry the cook's food has been so good and abundant that I may gain back the 15 lbs I have been working so hard to loose. There respect for the boat and the river have been refreshing. I think Austin the Chief actually loves this boat.

68.4 miles to Baton Rouge La. at 11.2 avg. I good day to ride. I stopped at Louisiana Scrap , I just could not pass it up. I did find out I weighted in at 197lbs and my bike a 94 lbs togeater we were finally under 300 lbs. Rick Daily eat your heart out.
On to the Mississippi. I crossed the river on LA 190, with no ware to ride but the traffic lane. the 1st expansion joint had spaces much wider than my tires. The next three I got off and walked across. When a trucker pulled up behind be and really blow his horn I almost jumped into the river. I though I was back in Texas. I am looking forward to my break on the Dick Conerly river boat.

104.4 miles avg 11.5 mph to Opalousas La. My 1st Century with a Fully BAGGED Bike. What a long day to start out on alone. I said my fair wells at 7:30 am and got to Opalousas at 6 pm that night, one long day. When I was in Elton, La. I ask how far it was to Baton Rouge La. they said about 160 to 180 miles. I was told this by three locals. Very depressed because I had figured on only about 120 miles to go. When rode about 5 miles down the road there was a road sign saying Baton Rouge 117 mile. That sure did give me a nice boost. It also told me a lot about the locals knowledge of distance down here in bayou country. I saw several DEAD THING"S along the road. including my first Gator. Thank goodness my only one.
The people in general were very friendly and could not believe that I was riding my bike all the way across the USA. La roads managed to top W. Va for the worst one I have ever been on.
Trip total of 2112

Merryville La.. 53 miles today at 11.5mph avg. We are out of Texas AT LAST after 1066 miles we are in the wonderful little town of Merryville La. I had though Tex was big when I was stationed there in 1969 in the USAF. By bike it is HUGE!!!. The people were outstandingly friendly. (Except for a few truck drivers). The food and scenery were well worth the ride. We all really enjoyed this part of the trip.
The historical society of Merryville prepared an excellent Gumbo for our dinner. we all had 2nds and 3rds. With this being my last night with the group. the presented me with an audio tape of good by's and some of Al's distinctive snoring to remember them by. In the morning I am off to Baton Rouge to catch a river tug for a ride to Cairo Il. I will really miss the wonderful group that I have spent the last 6 weeks riding with. The support we provided each other made the trip much more enjoyable. The great sense of hummer in the group helped me. The support of knowing that good advice was available when need, for biking, camping and life in general added emotional to the trip.
Good By Gavin, Tish, Sandy, Dick , Jennifer, Don, Al, Jim, Gene, Mark, and Lou I will remember you for the rest of my life. I know I will miss you on my ride to Ocean City Maryland. Good luck on the complection of your ride to Fla.
Trip total 2008 miles.

76.8 Miles to Silsbee Tex, at 10.3 avg. To day was my day to cook, with Michelle out of the group I started out early and hard. BIG MISTAKE, by late morning I was whipped. I could not get my legs back and did not get to camp until 6:00 pm. We also spent time fighting Westvaco Wood trucks Thanks to the support of other members of the group. Jim went and bought food. I found a GREAT B/Q restaurant. Lou and I got the camp own to take us the 1/2mile to the West Texas B/Q for carry out. We did eat will that night.
During our ride the owner told us that he had two cabins for rent, Lou, Jim and I spent the night in the cabin and away from the Mosquitoes which were out in MAJOR FORCE.
Trip total 1955 miles and 15 lbs of lost weight.

78.5 Miles to Coldspring Tex. at 11.2 mph avg. Our ride through Sam Houston National Forrest was great. We stopped on the causeway over the lake for a nice soaking of our feet in the lake and a quiet lunch with Don and AL. This was one of our best lunch breaks. As things worked out this was a good rest for Tex Rt 150. This two lane state road was full of log trucks the berm was loose sand, the white line was right on the edge of the pavement. We really learned what Truck Suck was. Having a Log truck or Chip truck blow by at 70 or 80 MPH is scarey. The vast majority of the trucks would give bikers a break and change lanes or slow down a little. BUT There were a few. One chip truck blew me off the road, with no traffic coming West, where I had my third crash of the trip. A FEW TRUCK DRIVERS are real A**LES. One even came right up behind me and just sat on his horn. My comments to him were not printable. I wish Adventure Cycling would look at changing this part of the route.

Road to Navasota Tex 78.5 miles at 11.2 mph. We finally got out of the Texas Rollers, those wonderful hills that you fly down for 300 yards or so and the pump very hard back up again. If I never ever ride a roller coaster again it will be too soon. Gaven and I had a great breakfast at Round Top Tex. A town of about 200 people that the 1st of April and Oct each year have a MAJOR antique fair. This would be worth coming to if I am able to in Late Sept.
Today was Gaven's day to cook so I helped him. We rode into town about 2 miles to find a place to order pizza, of course the only place that delivered was THREE miles on the other side of town. I rode out and order our 7 pizza's while Gaven did the shopping. When I got back to town we packed everything on our bikes for the ride back to came. We had to cross the railroad tracks to get back. Would you believe the tracks were blocked with a work train? YES , when we saw that the auto were heading north a few blocks to get around the train, we followed. My luck with the railroad is holding, just as we got to the crossing the train started moving over it and we had to turn around and come back to our original crossing. When we got the camp the Pizza's were there and everyone wanted to know what took us so long. "RAILROADS"
To add to the down side of the day Tom and Michelle had to drop out of the trip because Tom was having "bottom" Problems. We will all miss them and the LOVE MOBILE, their blue tandem.
Our trip total is now 1799.7 miles/

Welcome ride to La Grange Tex. 67.8 miles at 11.4 mph avg. This ride into East Tex was a very nice ride after a days rest. Following US 71 Gaven and I cut off almost 10 miles from the planned route and arrived 2nd and 3rd into camp. The RV park was nice and grass. Sleeping in a tent away from Al's nuclear snoring was a pleasure. The first long day went well. .

Tour of the Texas state capital today. When Gaven our " English Gentleman" and I had completed our tour we met a lady with a neat bike pin on. After going though our riding across the US story she ask us to testify before the State Sen against SB 283 a bill that would allow counties in Tex to ban bike riding on there roads. Gaven and I register to speak, we then sat on the Sen Floor for two hours, Because we had to leave the Tex bike league took our comments and will have them put into the record.
This was quite a day for both of us.
Tomorrow we has our 1st of 3- 70 plus mile days before we leave Tex on May 5 for Maryville La. Where I will be leaving the Adventure Cycling group for a tug boat ride up the Mississippi to Cairo with the Ohio River Barge Line. A week rest that I am really looking forward too before starting my trip East on May 20th.

50 miles along hwy 290 through TRAFFIC into Austin Tex. after 1653 miles we are taking a day off. YES. Tomorrow Gaven and I are going to tour the Tex state capital. The pictures that Marilyn sent were wonderful, the Burger cookies were a great hit.

42.5 miles to Blanco State park. We camped by the Blanco river for the night and had a great BQ dinner in town. DON and I went swimming in the river which was warmer than the south branch of the Potomac in Aug. what a pleasant swim. the State has build a wonderful dam and swimming area.

66.4 miles along the Guadalupe River. To Comfort Tex. this was one of the prettiest days riding we have had. the home are very nice along this section to the trip and the river is beautiful. though all the at grade stream crossings are getting to be a big challenge.
Comfort was a wonderful little town that had several great antique shops with Iron railing and other metal items. Good for my expense account that they were closed and did not open until I left. Today we crossed the 1500 mile point.

49.75 miles to Lost Maples State Park, we have started to see much green country side here in Tex Hill Country. these up and down roller coaster hills are almost as bad as the big hills of NM.

64.3miles to Lazy Laguna Ranch. Don't try and find this on your map. It is the guest house for a 14,000 acre ranch with an OUTSTANDING HOT TUB. Gaven and I spent 40 min in it after dinner soaking our tired mussels and bottoms. what a nice rest.
TT1434.4 M

40 miles into Del Reo Tex. While I was checking over my Bike I found that my rear cassette was loose. I took the bike to the local bike shop where they put in a spacer and sold me 4 spare spokes for a grand total of $16.50. Other than the my Cannonadale is holding up very well.

82.4 mile LONG day over 8 hrs in the saddle to Seminole State Park. When we got to the park I had Bonked and had to eat a candy bar and some fruit just to make it to the top of the hill and the camp sight. Tish, had not been feeling well today, so her friend Sandy ask one of the other campers if they would take there pick-up and find her. There only request was that she wait a few min for them to finish dinner. When they returned with a very tired but happy Tish they would not accept any payment. This is very typical of the very friendly people we keep meeting on the trip.

56.4 windy miles to Marathon Tex. I started out the morning with my 3rd flat from a stone in the parking lot. The Motor cyclist pointed out the flat to me and ask what I was going to about it. With them watching and offer all kinds of " Useful advice" I took 20 min to change the flat and head south east. No big deal.
In Alpine Tex we pass Sal Ross Univ. Very close to my Brother in Law, Dr Saul Roskes, but this is named after a former gov of Tex.
Trip Total of 1191 miles

4-20 REST DAY _ YES!!!!!!. When Tom , Michelle & I went to town for breakfast there were several Motorcycles parked in a row infront of the restaurant. So being me, I parked mine in line with all the Harley. When we came out from eating I was talking with several of the Motorcycle riders, they were commenting on how skinny my bike was. Michelle then comment that I was also the SKINNY Rider.
That afternoon when I returned to the Soda Fountain for a Rootbeer float the waitress comment about some crazy bike rider parking their bike amount all the Harley that morning and everyone was still talking about it. When I told her the rest of the story she liked it so much that I got my Float FREE.
Another Great day on this trip with Great people.

80.1 Miles to Ft Davis Tex . after riding over 60 miles up hill in the heat. Dick ask me when we could expect some down hill. I replied that right over the next hill would be nice. When we crossed that knoll we had a GREAT 18 mile down hill over a NEWLY Rebuilt road with NO TRAFFIC into Ft Davis. Everyone agrees that this was the best section of the trip to ride. with 1136 miles of the trip under our belt we took a days rest.

58.5 miles to Van Horn Tex. a small Tex. town like Breesewood Pa. with lots of motels and restaurants to eat at. We had a great BQ dinner at the Texas Smokes house which also had Great Auto collection to view.

54 Miles to Fort Hancock Tex. at 7.1 mph. Today I found out what Marci Grice has been saying about wind being a major issue. We left El Paso at 7:30 am and rode HARD all day into a consent head wind. making FT Hancock at 6:00 pm exhausted. This is what we called a "WHITE LINE DAY". Where we spend all day looking down at the white line on the side of the road and just trying to get in another mile.

4-16 56.9 miles at 11.7mph into El Paso Tex. On the way into town I made a wrong turn and was helped by the border patrol to find Down town El Paso. The Reo Granada which just west of EP was a river about the size of Wills creek in Cumberland had become a very small trickle and the border between the US and Mex.
El Paso was a very rundown and not too clean town, no one I our group expressed any interest in returning too.

Today we cover 58.7 mile at 11.5 mph. our next to last day in NM.

Down hill to Avery NM. This 31.4 mile ride at 13.5mph was a real treat after the climb of yesterday. We met a couple from NC on the road headed West. They had started out in Feb and were heading to San Diego Calf and up to SF and back East. I though I was doing a big ride. But there Cannondale were holding up well too.
I also noticed that the view of the country was much better at 10 mph cruising along than at 4 mph while pumping up hill.

The HIGH POINT OF THE TRIP. Today after an 18 mile LONG UP HILL CLIMB we crossed Emery Pass NM at 8228FT. the climb was long but the view from the top was GREAT.
We rode 48.4 miles at an avg speed of 8.1 mph climbing almost 3700ft from Three-way NM to the Top of Emery pass. As we climbed the change to a pine forest was a wonderful sight when I could take my eyes and mind off climbing the hill to look.
We spent the night at the Black Forest Lodge in Kingston NM. This was a great through back to the 60's with a wood fired hot tub. the Turkey dinner was outstanding. The owner and I spent a good bit of time talking about the dozen or so types of bamboo that he was growing.
Trip Total (TT)798m


Now that the weather is getting warmer I am starting to shave my beard off. This is my current old west look for AZ and maybe into NM.


62.5 miles through the CITY to Apache Junction. We got lost on ASU campus. Gaven thinks they should offer him a chair as an English History Prof for the 2 hrs we spent trying to find our way through. This was the 1st time we have gotten lost with our routing. Adventure Cycling (AC) has done a great job with mapping.

Today we learned about HEAD WINDS. We had 40 to 50 MPH winds blowing sand at us for the last 10 mile. at 3:30 when we got to the KOA camp ground we were glad to be off our bikes. It is suppressing what effect these winds had on biking. ( Not much of it good.)

We have covered 456 miles so far. Tomorrow we are taking another rest day before heading east and UP HILL.

4-04-01 Nice and Easy.

47.2 miles 12.6 MPH Avg speed into Ph. Az and Destiny camp grounds. We arrived before Noon. What a nice day for H.J.'s birthday.

Dave Gehauf and Betty Joe Norris came by and took me for a tour of this great city. what a place. There house was beautiful, the city is quite a nice place. BIG, Tomorrow we ride 60 mile just to get to the East side.

Again Dave and Betty Joe Thanks for the tour and great dinner.

4-03-01 Long and BORING

61.5M 10.4 MPH Avg. this was a long and FLAT trip to Wickenburg Az. the desert was great but after about 3 or 4 hrs of riding in a straight line it got BORING. the Girls Tish, Sandy and Jen were among the 1st in today which was a nice boost for them.

The cross winds were also a problem today for Gaven and I. We have begun stopping after the 1st 10 or 15 miles for a 2nd breakfast. It is fun explaining to the Englishman what to expect and hearing his thought of the food and the very friendly people.

At camp tonight 3 groups of people stopped by to talk with us about biking. Including two young ladies from Mansfield Pa. only about 30 miles from where I grew up in Coundersport.

Every time we stop people ask how far we are riding and when we say FLA they look at us like we are crazy. We are having a great time and enjoy telling them about it.

We have now covered 346 miles.


Hope Abounds. After a days rest the 52 Miles at 10.1 MPH was a piece of cake. When we got to HOPE Az. the Camp sight was great, the town is an RV park and general store. The name was neat. As we left town there was a sign that said " You are beyond Hope". I sent Marilyn a post card of this, because see knows that I am .

We had to cover several more miles on Interstate 10. When there is no other way we ride Interstates, the 1st 5 miles the rumble strips were ever 20 ft and all the way to the edge of the pavement. All of us complained about how it effected our " Bottoms".

With most of the riding on quiet rural roads the traffic and surface issues of the Interstate has lessened.


22.5 miles and 12 MPH. to Blyth Ca and the Colorado River. This was a nice short day with tomorrow being a Layover day to rest up from the four H's of biking.

HEAT-HILLS-HEAD WINDS & HINNY. Yes all of us seem to have interesting comments about how or bottoms are doing. Don on his recumbent has the least problems. Another good point for Recumbent.


66.5 Miles at 10.1 MPH We left Brawely Ca. at 6 am ( I have not been up at 4:30 in the morning since the Air Force). arriving in Palo Verdi Ca at 3:pm. I found out that I can drink 2 ˝ gal of water and gater aid in one day and only have to go to the bathroom once.

We rode through the desert dunes which were stark but beautiful. and HOT. The desert was in full bloom . the colors were a pleasant surprise. I would not want to try this trip in the heat of summer.

As of today I have covered 210.5 miles heading east.


50.5 miles 12.1 MPH Avg speed through Imperial Valley. HOT HOT HOT. We drank water and gater aid all day. We start riding at 6:30 in the morning. this means getting up at 5:30 AM just as the sun peaks over the desert. This allows us to be in by 1:30 or 2:00 in the after noon.

I have been riding with Gaven from England. Today we stopped for lunch under a culvert for the shade. While resting a border patrol truck drove by. We were worried that with and Englishman in our group we would be stopped. but they drove on and Gaven has enjoyed the jokes of the incident.

We ride in groups of two or three and meet up at the end of each day.

Today Michelle and I fixed dinner. I did the shopping and cleaning up, while she cooked a great pasta. I think with will work for our weekly turn at feeding the troops.


46.2 miles 11.2 MPH avg speed. Down hill to Ocotillo Calf. Riding down I 10 for 7 miles at a 6% down grade was fun. But when a Motor home passed us on our side of the rumble strip things were hairy. This was much easer than riding up hill but still a new experience on a loaded bike.

3-27- 01

We started off with a MAJOR UP HILL ride. covering only 50 miles but up 4000 ft from S.D. to Pine Valley Calf. I avg. 7 MPH but it was an all out effort. What a ride. this was the most challenging one day ride I have ever had. It was good to know I could do it.

All 14 of us made it. we were tired but "happy campers" This is a good group of men (10) and women (4) we all enjoy biking. After this ride sleeping in a tent was a welcome activity.


Here is a picture of me by the Pacific Ocean at
Dog Beach, San Diego .
Tomorrow we head east 50 miles and up 4000 ft.


American River Trail - Sacramento Calf

An OUTSTANDING trail. I rode 30 miles on the beautiful paved trail along the American river. The number of bike riders, Joggers, and roller bladers using this wonderful green way through the heart of the city of Sacramento Calf was enjoyable.

This very well maintained trail provide a scenic brake in this bustling state capital. The placement of benches and facilities along trail provided for good break areas. The use of grooved concrete bike racks was a very inexpensive, low maintenance way to park bikes. These blocks looked like an auto parking block with a grove down the middle for bikes.


KATY Trail

March 12, 2001 Today I rode 30 miles along the KATY trail from Boonville to Salina Mo. It was a nice cold ride along a packed limestone surface. I forgot how much more work that this was to ride on than a road. I did enjoy the fact that I did not need to worry about cars. ALL the people along the trail were VERY VERY friendly. The maintenance crew stopped and gave me extra water with out being asked. This was very typical of the great people in rural Mo.

Wallace Keck District Interpreter for the Trail provided me with some great information on maintenance and tail up keep. I must complement these people on the great job they are doing with this trail..

The town of Rockport was very interesting. with a posted population of only 255 people we found 7 New business had opened at the trail head to service riders along the trail. The impact on this very small rural community.

I found it very exciting to see the strong support for trails along this right of way. Just thinking about driving 1 hour west to ride 1 day back seems slow. When I told Lauren that I though Kansas went on for ever she ask me how long I though Texas would be.

Tomorrow we leave Denver for Salt Lake City and on to the west coast. The weather along the trip has been great.

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